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Get a great deal on your excavation work

You'll always get a fantastic deal when you contact H P Excavating & Septic Cleaning. You'll get affordable prices on the work you need, and a FREE estimate right off the bat!

Need to do some digging on your new construction site?

Need more septic installations?

Do you want to build on your property, but you need to prepare the site first? Do you need someone to lay down water lines for your residential, commercial, or industrial property? Give us a call!

Do you need to install a septic tank on your new property? Do you need to set up a leach field or an aeration system? You can have us install your septic systems too!

Call your local excavation company that has over 40 years of experience!


Need to prepare your site for a new building?

  • Lay down water and gas lines

  • Foundation preparation

  • Land clearing and land leveling

  • Concrete work